Hammerson PLC

Hammerson PLC


5 Shires Lane, Leicester, LE1 4AN

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Highcross opened to the public in September 2008, combining an extensive refurbishment of the former Shires shopping centre, together with a 61,000 sq m mixed-use extension. Highcross is anchored by John Lewis and Debenhams department stores and a Showcase Cinema de Lux.

Key Facts:

• 3,000 parking spaces

• Opened 2008

• 106,000 sq m net internal area 

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Key Information


Hammerson / M&G Real Estate 

Number of Retail Units





Footfall - 18 million per year

Average dwell time - 82 minutes

Average spend - £72

Average visitor frequency - 4.3 times per month 

Anchor Tenants

John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Showcase Cinema de Lux 



Kiosk 3, Ground Floor389 sq ftTo Let
MSU11B, Ground Floor3,993 sq ftTo Let
MSU6, Upper Floor23,733 sq ftTo Let
Unit 2 Ground Floor2,146 sq ftTo Let
Unit 6, Upper Floor596 sq ftTo Let
Unit LL1014,645 sq ftTo Let
Unit LL91, Ground Floor2,480 sq ftTo Let
Unit R10, Ground Floor602 sq ftTo Let
Unit R10, Upper Floor--To Let
Unit R30, Upper Floor1,292 sq ftTo Let
Unit R31, Upper Floor3,003 sq ftTo Let
Unit R32, Upper Floor3,433 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU03, Ground Floor--Under Offer
Unit SU10, Ground Floor4,074 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU37, Upper Floor1,468 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU49,4,191 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU5/6, Ground Floor5,109 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU51, Upper Floor1,702 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU64 & PT6, Upper Floor7,209 sq ftTo Let
Unit SU65A, Upper Floor2,207 sq ftTo Let


Anchor Store 1 Upper LevelDebenhams150,187 sq ftLet
Anchor Store 1, Ground FloorDebenhams150,187 sq ftLet
Anchor Store 3, Ground levelJohn Lewis225,215 sq ftLet
Anchor Store 3, Upper LevelJohn Lewis--Let
Cinema Entrance Ground FloorShowcase Cinemas--Let
Cinema Upper FloorShowcase Cinemas74,690 sq ftLet
Kiosk 4, Ground FloorMission Burrito588 sq ftLet
MSU1, Ground FloorNext--Let
MSU1, Upper FloorNext46,542 sq ftLet
MSU10, Ground FloorTopshop4,074 sq ftLet
MSU10, Upper FloorTopshop--Let
MSU11A, Ground FloorTGI Fridays6,662 sq ftLet
MSU11C, Ground FloorFinest Dental2,454 sq ftLet
MSU11D, Ground LevelThe Gym17,749 sq ftLet
MSU11D, Upper FloorThe Gym--Let
MSU12, Ground LevelSocial Climbing11,148 sq ftLet
MSU12, Upper FloorSocial Climbing11,148 sq ftLet
MSU3, Ground FloorWaterstones8,796 sq ftLet
MSU3, Upper FloorWaterstones8,790 sq ftLet
MSU4/5, Upper FloorCotswold Outdoor11,916 sq ftLet
MSU7, Upper FloorNew Look25,437 sq ftLet
MSU9, Ground FloorH&M25,532 sq ftLet
MSU9, Upper FloorH&M--Let
MSUA, Ground FloorJD Sports117,216 sq ftLet
MSUB, Upper FloorZara117,216 sq ftLet
SU1/15 & RS91, Ground FloorLove Coffee1,586 sq ftLet
UL106 Upper FloorPandora3,575 sq ftLet
UL109 Upper FloorThe North Face2,754 sq ftLet
UL110/111 Upper FloorRiver Island6,143 sq ftLet
UL112 Upper FloorApple5,525 sq ftLet
UL113 Upper FloorT.M. Lewin2,230 sq ftLet
Unit 100, Upper FloorJo Malone1,061 sq ftLet
Unit 101, Upper FloorThomas Sabo1,135 sq ftLet
Unit 102, Upper FloorEE1,130 sq ftLet
Unit 103, Upper FloorAll Saints3,107 sq ftLet
Unit 104, Upper FloorAldo975 sq ftLet
Unit 105, Upper FloorHugo Boss--Let
Unit 114-115, Upper FloorGoldsmiths2,202 sq ftLet
Unit 116, Upper FloorL'Occitane735 sq ftLet
Unit 117, Upper FloorWhittards245 sq ftLet
Unit 118, Upper FloorArgento Jewellery388 sq ftLet
Unit 5, Upper FloorMoss Bros--Let
Unit D2, Ground FloorDiscovery Golf--Let
Unit D2, Upper FloorDiscovery Golf--Let
Unit LL101,Ground FloorDisney Store5,625 sq ftLet
Unit LL80, Ground FloorTypo1,381 sq ftLet
Unit LL81, Ground FloorThe Body Shop1,795 sq ftLet
Unit LL82, Ground FloorPaperchase3,005 sq ftLet
Unit LL82A, Ground FloorSwarovski1,531 sq ftLet
Unit LL83, Ground FloorLuke2,186 sq ftLet
Unit LL84, Ground FloorYankee Candle1,704 sq ftLet
Unit LL85, Ground FloorSkechers--Let
Unit LL86, Ground FloorJack & Jones4,506 sq ftLet
Unit LL89-90, Ground FloorReiss1,935 sq ftLet
Unit LL92-93, Ground FloorSuperdry6,940 sq ftLet
Unit LL94, Ground FloorLevi's3,385 sq ftLet
Unit LL95, Ground FloorErnest Jones2,427 sq ftLet
Unit LL96, Ground FloorSoletrader1,684 sq ftLet
Unit LL97, Ground FloorLacoste1,438 sq ftLet
Unit LL98, Ground FloorHotel Chocolat1,049 sq ftLet
Unit LL99, Ground FloorThree Mobile489 sq ftLet
Unit R10A, Ground FloorCoast to Coast3,015 sq ftLet
Unit R10A, Upper FloorCoast to Coast--Let
Unit R10B, Ground FloorZizzi2,752 sq ftLet
Unit R11, Ground FloorTurtle Bay29,375 sq ftLet
Unit R11, Upper FloorTurtle Bay--Let
Unit R12, Ground Floor15733,548 sq ftLet
Unit R12, Upper Floor1573--Let
Unit R13, Upper FloorPizza Express--Let
Unit R13-14, Ground FloorPizza Express3,548 sq ftLet
Unit R14, Upper FloorPizza Express--Let
Unit R15, Ground FloorWagamama2,872 sq ftLet
Unit R15, Upper FloorWagamama--Let
Unit R16, Ground FloorYo! Sushi--Let
Unit R16, Upper FloorYo! Sushi1,709 sq ftLet
Unit R17, Ground LevelMem Saab--Let
Unit R17, Upper FloorMem Saab2,525 sq ftLet
Unit R18-19, Ground FloorNando's4,236 sq ftLet
Unit R2, Ground FloorWhitewall Galleries1,724 sq ftLet
Unit R3, Ground FloorCarluccio's4,002 sq ftLet
Unit R33, Upper Floortamatanga3,316 sq ftLet
Unit R4, Ground FloorCafe Rouge3,586 sq ftLet
Unit R5, Ground FloorHandmade Burger Co3,252 sq ftLet
Unit R7, Ground FloorPho2,540 sq ftLet
Unit R7, Upper FloorPho844 sq ftLet
Unit R8, Ground FloorBills Restaurants Ltd2,500 sq ftLet
Unit R9A, Ground FloorExplore Learning961 sq ftLet
Unit R9B, Ground FloorCosta1,923 sq ftLet
Unit SU01, Ground FloorFrankie & Benny's3,556 sq ftLet
Unit SU02, Ground FloorMOD Pizza3,216 sq ftLet
Unit SU03A, Ground FloorClarins--Let
Unit SU1, Ground FloorSoho Coffee Co2,946 sq ftLet
Unit SU11, Ground FloorSchuh4,000 sq ftLet
Unit SU12, Ground FloorWarren James840 sq ftLet
Unit SU13/14A, Ground FloorFootAsylum4,273 sq ftLet
Unit SU14, Ground FloorJD Sports9,205 sq ftLet
Unit SU16, Ground FloorEurochange--Let
Unit SU17, Ground FloorClintons4,087 sq ftLet
Unit SU18, Ground FloorTiger2,849 sq ftLet
Unit SU19, Ground FloorJessops1,827 sq ftLet
Unit SU2, Ground FloorMr Pretzel412 sq ftLet
Unit SU20, Ground FloorKids Foot Locker2,423 sq ftLet
Unit SU21, Ground FloorRed 52,108 sq ftLet
Unit SU22, Ground FloorTrespass2,164 sq ftLet
Unit SU23, Ground FloorBuild-A-Bear Workshop2,763 sq ftLet
Unit SU24, Ground FloorSharps1,737 sq ftLet
Unit SU25, Ground FloorRay's Fish and Chips1,673 sq ftLet
Unit SU26, Ground FloorGreggs906 sq ftLet
Unit SU27, Ground FloorSpudulike1,526 sq ftLet
Unit SU28, Ground FloorStarbucks1,399 sq ftLet
Unit SU29-30, Upper FloorUrban Outfitters10,853 sq ftLet
Unit SU3, Ground FloorPatisserie Valerie1,271 sq ftLet
Unit SU31A, Upper FloorAccessorize509 sq ftLet
Unit SU31B, Upper FloorSmiggle1,345 sq ftLet
Unit SU32, Upper FloorMuffin Break1,192 sq ftLet
Unit SU33A, Upper FloorBoost Juice481 sq ftLet
Unit SU33B, Upper FloorMillie's Cookies621 sq ftLet
Unit SU34, Upper FloorO22,222 sq ftLet
Unit SU35, Upper FloorVodafone2,748 sq ftLet
Unit SU36, Upper FloorHolland & Barrett5,082 sq ftLet
Unit SU37, Upper FloorGoldsmiths1,986 sq ftLet
Unit SU38-39, Upper FloorBoots9,658 sq ftLet
Unit SU4, Ground FloorStonebaked Pizza2,732 sq ftLet
Unit SU40, Upper FloorQuiz3,772 sq ftLet
Unit SU41-42, Upper FloorIn Solicitors Hands6,509 sq ftLet
Unit SU43, Upper FloorOFFICE3,680 sq ftLet
Unit SU44, Upper FloorCosta2,220 sq ftLet
Unit SU45, Upper FloorThe Fragrance Shop500 sq ftLet
Unit SU46, Upper FloorJones Bootmaker2,345 sq ftLet
Unit SU47-48, Upper FloorBeaverbrooks1,195 sq ftLet
Unit SU50, Upper FloorSamsung3,267 sq ftLet
Unit SU52, Upper FloorThomas Cook2,606 sq ftLet
Unit SU53, Upper FloorTimberland2,902 sq ftLet
Unit SU54, Upper FloorThe Perfume Shop541 sq ftLet
Unit SU55, Upper FloorO26,926 sq ftLet
Unit SU56, Upper FloorClaire's Accessories872 sq ftLet
Unit SU57, Upper FloorLovisa398 sq ftLet
Unit SU58, Upper FloorThorntons1,025 sq ftLet
Unit SU59, Upper FloorIn Solicitors Hands459 sq ftLet
Unit SU60, Upper FloorCarphone Warehouse806 sq ftLet
Unit SU61, Upper FloorVision Express3,060 sq ftLet
Unit SU62, Upper FloorMcDonald's7,915 sq ftLet
Unit SU64B, Upper FloorThe Fragrance Shop375 sq ftLet
Unit SU65, Upper FloorPost Office1,463 sq ftLet
Unit SU66, Upper FloorAmericandy1,617 sq ftLet
Unit SU67-68, Upper FloorKhaadi2,027 sq ftLet
Unit SU7, Ground FloorBodycare2,320 sq ftLet
Unit SU74, Ground FloorBB's Brow Bar637 sq ftLet
Unit SU75, Ground FloorSwop N Save1,500 sq ftLet
Unit SU76, Ground FloorSupercuts930 sq ftLet
Unit SU77, Ground FloorIn Solicitors Hands3,582 sq ftLet
Unit SU8, Ground FloorBarrhead Travel2,599 sq ftLet
Unit SU9, Ground FloorGame2,057 sq ftLet
Upper FloorSET--Let

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