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Cabot Circus

Glass House
Bristol, BS1 3BX

Use Class E(a)

109,000 sq ft

Use Class



109,000 sq ft

Owned by Hammerson PLC

Last updated 13/07/2021
Cabot Circus
Cabot Circus
Cabot Circus
Cabot Circus
Opened in 2008, Cabot Circus is one of the largest retail-led city centre urban regeneration projects in the UK.

Cabot Circus is a mixed-use city shopping destination anchored by House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols and Showcase de Lux cinema. The retail, leisure and residential space integrate seamlessly within the Quakers Friars area of the city centre, helping to establish Bristol as one of the top retail destinations in the UK.
Situated in the centre of Bristol, Cabot circus benefits from a young and professional customer base with visitors totalling 18 million per year.

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Major Stores - House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols, Zara, Urban Outfitters, & Other Stories, Hugo Boss, Apple, Bershka
Restaurants - Losteria, Cote Brasserie, Wagamama, Nando's, Yo! Sushi, The Real Greek


Key Information

Number of Retail Units



Cabot Circus is jointly owned by Hammerson and Axa Real Estate Investors through the Bristol Alliance.

Anchor Tenants

  • Harvey Nichols



Kiosk 1A, Broadmead Upper Ground Floor140 sq ftTo LetView
Kiosk 2, Broadmead280 sq ftTo LetView
Kiosk 22, Glass Walk274 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU1, Quakers Friars4,737 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit 8, Broadmead4,035 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 23-25, Penn Street1,853 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit 24-26, Merchant St4,338 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 27-29, Penn Street3,703 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 34, Merchant Street2,305 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 49-51, The Horsefair2,239 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 50A, Ground Floor--To LetView
Unit 64, Bond Street1,194 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 78, The Horsefair4,842 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 99-101, The Horsefair871 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit MS6, Quakers Friars3,649 sq ftTo LetView
Unit MS10, Quakers Friars4,860 sq ftTo LetView
Unit MS12, Quakers Friars4,069 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU9, Concorde Street2,358 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU9, Quakers Friars4,060 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU10, Quakers Friars1,285 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU12-SU14A, Quakers Friars5,184 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU18, Brigstowe Street2,583 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU29, Brigstowe Street3,154 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU39B, George White Street--Under OfferView
Unit SU39B, Penn Street--Under OfferView
Unit SU49A, George White Street15,575 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU50D, George White Street2,193 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU52, George White Street2,267 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU60, George White Street4,311 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU68B, Glass Walk5,497 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU69B, Glass Walk1,152 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU70, Glass Walk3,172 sq ftTo LetView
Unit SU72, Glass Walk1,429 sq ftTo LetView


1-3 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorSainsbury's Local--
2-4 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorItsu--
5 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorO2--
6 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorWarren James--
7 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorMenkind--
8 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorHotter Shoes--
9 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorVision Express--
10 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorSilent Night--
11 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorNatWest--
12-14 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorThe Co-operative Bank--
13-19 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorSports Direct--
16 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorDr Martens--
18 Broadmead - Upper Ground FloorMountain Warehouse--
Anchor Store 1, Glass WalkHouse of Fraser--
Anchor Store 1, Ground FloorHouse of Fraser170,050 sq ft
Anchor Store 1, Upper Ground FloorHouse of Fraser--
Anchor Store 2, Quakers FriarsHarvey Nichols31,592 sq ft
CinemaCinema De Lux102,203 sq ft
Friary Buildings, Quakers FriarsD&D London14,876 sq ft
Kiosk 1 , Broadmead Upper Ground FloorMr Pretzels--
Kiosk 1, Brigstowe StreetSoho Coffee Co1,011 sq ft
Kiosk 1, BroadmeadHippy Chippy--
Kiosk 1A, BroadmeadToasted140 sq ft
Kiosk 3, Concorde StreetTimberland592 sq ft
Kiosk 3/3A, BroadmeadIQOS--
Kiosk 5, Brigstowe StreetTag Heuer544 sq ft
Kiosk 7, George White StreetBen's Cookies193 sq ft
Kiosk 9, George White StreetScribbler297 sq ft
Kiosk 10, Concorde StreetMillie's Cookies258 sq ft
Kiosk 12, Glass WalkChopstix296 sq ft
Kiosk 13, Glass WalkEscape Hunt287 sq ft
Kiosk 14, George White StreetThe Perfume Shop591 sq ft
Kiosk 20, Glass WalkModel Eyebrows230 sq ft
Kiosk 21, Glass WalkTop Nails276 sq ft
Unit SU21 & SU54New Look34,953 sq ft
Unit 1A, Quaker Friars--1,289 sq ft
Unit 1B, Quaker Friars----
Unit 2-4, BroadmeadItsu3,354 sq ft
Unit 2A, Merchant StreetTK Maxx--
Unit 2B, Merchant StreetMetro Bank--
Unit 5, BroadmeadO22,862 sq ft
Unit 6, BroadmeadWarren James979 sq ft
Unit 7, BroadmeadMenkind2,402 sq ft
Unit 9, BroadmeadVision Express3,869 sq ft
Unit 10, BroadmeadSilent Night2,870 sq ft
Unit 11, BroadmeadNatWest3,254 sq ft
Unit 12-14, BroadmeadThe Co-operative Bank4,632 sq ft
Unit 13-19, BroadmeadSports Direct19,364 sq ft
Unit 16, BroadmeadDr Martens1,462 sq ft
Unit 18, BroadmeadMountain Warehouse2,615 sq ft
Unit 20, BroadmeadBeyond Retro4,602 sq ft
Unit 21-23, BroadmeadCard Factory--
Unit 21, Penn StreetKuoni1,889 sq ft
Unit 22, BroadmeadDeichmann Shoes9,644 sq ft
Unit 24-26, BroadmeadHMV19,504 sq ft
Unit 25-27, BroadmeadHalifax8,593 sq ft
Unit 28, BroadmeadIn Solicitors Hands1,287 sq ft
Unit 28, Merchant StreetChelsea Building Society2,179 sq ft
Unit 30-32, BroadmeadIn Solicitors Hands3,366 sq ft
Unit 30-32, Merchant StreetSpecsavers4,569 sq ft
Unit 31, Penn StreetEveryman1,833 sq ft
Unit 33-35, Penn StSainsbury's Local7,699 sq ft
Unit 33, BroadmeadCosta2,450 sq ft
Unit 34-36, BroadmeadSelect3,425 sq ft
Unit 35, BroadmeadClarks11,346 sq ft
Unit 36-38, Merchant StCheltenham & Gloucester2,859 sq ft
Unit 37, BroadmeadTUI--
Unit 38, BroadmeadVirgin Media1,538 sq ft
Unit 39-43, BroadmeadSuperdrug9,319 sq ft
Unit 40-42, Merchant StreetCarphone Warehouse1,261 sq ft
Unit 45-49, BroadmeadNatWest16,357 sq ft
Unit 46, Bond StreetSuperior Services924 sq ft
Unit 48, Bond StreetExcelsior Comics953 sq ft
Unit 50, Bond StreetRikaxxe Music901 sq ft
Unit 50B, The HorsefairBritish Heart Foundation6,424 sq ft
Unit 52-62, Bond StreetFabric Land6,111 sq ft
Unit 53, The HorsefairLondon Camera Exchange3,198 sq ft
Unit 55, The HorsefairFunky Fones3,168 sq ft
Unit 60/66, The HorsefairThe Gamecube5,448 sq ft
Unit 67, The HorsefairBlue Banana1,510 sq ft
Unit 68-70, The HorsefairHigh & Mighty5,918 sq ft
Unit 69, The HorsefairRush Hairdressing1,413 sq ft
Unit 71, The HorsefairBlacks5,945 sq ft
Unit 72, The HorsefairBetfred1,500 sq ft
Unit 73-77, The HorsefairCeX6,491 sq ft
Unit 74-76, The HorsefairPhone Clinic2,363 sq ft
Unit 79-81, The HorsefairEvapo19,610 sq ft
Unit 80, The Horsefair----
Unit 82-92, The HorsefairPoundland14,914 sq ft
Unit 83-85, The HorsefairRoute One2,811 sq ft
Unit 87, The HorsefairDelux1,192 sq ft
Unit 93-95, The HorsefairTwo Seasons3,473 sq ft
Unit 94-96, The HorsefairLuke 19772,965 sq ft
Unit 97, The HorsefairtReds1,940 sq ft
Unit 98-100, The HorsefairSize?2,402 sq ft
Unit 102-104, The HorsefairCaffè Nero2,232 sq ft
Unit 102, The HorsefairMcDonald's10,519 sq ft
Unit 106, The HorsefairEurochange860 sq ft
Unit 108, The HorsefairUSA Nails1,033 sq ft
Unit 110-112, The HorsefairGreggs1,188 sq ft
Unit LS3A, Quakers FriarsJohn Anthony9,414 sq ft
Unit LS3B, Quakers FriarsPiccolino5,737 sq ft
Unit LS4, Quakers FriarsThe Gym16,153 sq ft
Unit LS5, Quakers FriarsTed Baker4,582 sq ft
Unit MS1, Quakers FriarsFred Perry1,357 sq ft
Unit MS2, Quakers FriarsCastle Fine Art2,869 sq ft
Unit MS3, Quakers FriarsKurt Geiger2,733 sq ft
Unit MS4, Quakers FriarsApple5,854 sq ft
Unit MS5, Quakers FriarsReiss5,233 sq ft
Unit MS7, Quakers FriarsHobbs4,283 sq ft
Unit MS8, Quakers FriarsCOS5,885 sq ft
Unit MS9, Quakers FriarsOliver Bonas5,600 sq ft
Unit MS11, Quakers FriarsFat Face4,660 sq ft
Unit SU1, Concorde StreetHollister13,988 sq ft
Unit SU2, Concorde StreetBershka4,679 sq ft
Unit SU2, Quakers FriarsIn Solicitors Hands694 sq ft
Unit SU3-5, Quakers FriarsL'Osteria5,693 sq ft
Unit SU3, Concorde StreetBershka3,274 sq ft
Unit SU4, Concorde StreetSchuh7,250 sq ft
Unit SU5, Concorde StreetLevi's3,944 sq ft
Unit SU6-8, Quakers FriarsCôte Brasserie2,986 sq ft
Unit SU6, Concorde StreetRiver Island12,583 sq ft
Unit SU8, Concorde StreetVans2,783 sq ft
Unit SU10, Concorde StreetFootAsylum5,155 sq ft
Unit SU11, Quakers FriarsIn Solicitors Hands1,165 sq ft
Unit SU12, Concorde StreetJD Sports8,557 sq ft
Unit SU12B, Concorde StreetPull & Bear8,947 sq ft
Unit SU13A, Concorde StreetThe North Face3,352 sq ft
Unit SU13B, Concorde StreetMonsoon / Accessorize9,462 sq ft
Unit SU14A, The CircusBoux Avenue3,214 sq ft
Unit SU15, Quakers FriarsAll Saints3,906 sq ft
Unit SU15, The CircusHotel Chocolat2,300 sq ft
Unit SU16/17, The CircusSamsung4,883 sq ft
Unit SU19, Brigstowe StreetYankee Candle2,514 sq ft
Unit SU19A, Brigstowe StreetLaser Clinics2,340 sq ft
Unit SU20, Brigstowe StreetLEGO Company Ltd2,305 sq ft
Unit SU20, Brigstowe StreetCarphone Warehouse2,262 sq ft
Unit SU20A, Brigstowe StreetPandora2,167 sq ft
Unit SU21, Brigstowe StreetFoyles3,861 sq ft
Unit SU22, Brigstowe StreetNext35,865 sq ft
Unit SU23-23C, Brigstowe StreetVictoria's Secret12,162 sq ft
Unit SU24, Brigstowe StreetH&M30,395 sq ft
Unit SU25, Brigstowe StreetTopshop / Topman25,034 sq ft
Unit SU26, Brigstowe Street& Other Stories12,540 sq ft
Unit SU27, Brigstowe StreetMango3,107 sq ft
Unit SU29A, Brigstowe StreetLovisa1,410 sq ft
Unit SU30, Brigstowe StreetThe Body Shop1,854 sq ft
Unit SU31, Brigstowe StreetGoldsmiths2,424 sq ft
Unit SU32A, Brigstowe StreetTypo1,126 sq ft
Unit SU32B, Brigstowe StreetTortilla1,583 sq ft
Unit SU33, Concorde StreetErnest Jones2,063 sq ft
Unit SU34, Concorde StreetOFFICE1,993 sq ft
Unit SU35, Concorde StreetMonki3,732 sq ft
Unit SU36, Concorde StreetAmericandy2,862 sq ft
Unit SU37, Concorde StreetSuperdry11,460 sq ft
Unit SU38, Penn StreetUrban Outfitters14,068 sq ft
Unit SU39A, George White StreetWingstop--
Unit SU39A, Penn StreetWingstop--
Unit SU40, George White StreetZara--
Unit SU40, Penn StreetZara28,552 sq ft
Unit SU42, George White StreetFossil1,465 sq ft
Unit SU43, George White StreetEE1,746 sq ft
Unit SU44-45, George White StreetLloyds Bank3,614 sq ft
Unit SU46, George White StreetKrispy Kreme4,811 sq ft
Unit SU48, George White StreetH Samuel2,104 sq ft
Unit SU49, George White StreetTGI Fridays10,759 sq ft
Unit SU50C, George White StreetNationwide Building Society4,054 sq ft
Unit SU50G, George White StreetPret A Manger3,810 sq ft
Unit SU51A, George White StreetFive Guys5,205 sq ft
Unit SU51B, George White StreetClaire's Accessories2,104 sq ft
Unit SU52A, George White StreetThree Mobile2,263 sq ft
Unit SU53, George White StreetSwarovski2,242 sq ft
Unit SU56, George White StreetIn Solicitors Hands4,968 sq ft
Unit SU57, George White StreetFraser Hart2,043 sq ft
Unit SU58, George White StreetCurrys4,565 sq ft
Unit SU59, George White StreetHolland & Barrett2,840 sq ft
Unit SU61, George White StreetFlying Tiger3,203 sq ft
Unit SU62, George White StreetHSBC15,570 sq ft
Unit SU65-66, Glass WalkPizza Express3,200 sq ft
Unit SU65A, Glass WalkCosta1,933 sq ft
Unit SU68A, Glass WalkCasa Brazil3,217 sq ft
Unit SU69A, Glass WalkVR Immotion1,200 sq ft
Unit SU71, Glass WalkGourmet Burger Kitchen2,284 sq ft
Unit SU72A, Glass WalkYo! Sushi2,490 sq ft
Unit SU73, Glass WalkKFC6,157 sq ft
Unit SU73A, Glass WalkJungle Rumble Adventure Golf15,504 sq ft
Unit SU77, Glass WalkThe Entertainer8,336 sq ft
Unit SU78, Glass WalkSlim Chickens3,149 sq ft
Unit SU79, Glass WalkHouse of Yen2,584 sq ft
Unit SU82, Glass WalkNando's2,762 sq ft
Unit SU83A, Glass WalkWagamama3,459 sq ft
Unit SU83B, Glass WalkFrankie & Benny's6,355 sq ft
Unit SU84A, Glass WalkThe Real Greek2,323 sq ft
Unit SU84B, Glass WalkZizzi3,093 sq ft
Unit SU84D, Glass WalkCoal Bar & Grill3,380 sq ft
Units LS1, Quakers FriarsHugo Boss4,665 sq ft





Footfall: 19 million pa

Average Dwell Time: 89 mins

Average Spend: £66

Average visitor frequency: 44 times a year

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