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The Bullring Estate

The Bullring Estate
Birmingham, B5 4BU

Use Class E(a)

1,700,000 sq ft

Use Class



1,700,000 sq ft

Owned by Hammerson PLC, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Last updated 22/10/2021
The Bullring Estate
The Bullring Estate
The Bullring Estate
The Bullring Estate
The Bullring Estate
The Bullring Estate
The Bullring Estate

Key Points

  • 28,000 sq m net internal area
Developed in 2003, Bullring has transformed Birmingham’s city centre. With a footfall of 35 million per year, it is one of the UK’s most successful retail destinations and regeneration projects.

Use Class



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Anchors - Selfridges, Debenhams

Major stores - Hollister, Topshop, River Island, Victoria’s Secret, Ted Baker, Next, Mango, H&M, Hugo Boss, Reiss, Zara, Zara Man, COS, New Look, JD Sports, Superdry

Restaurants - Jamie’s Italian, Pizza Express, Browns, Five Guys, Pizza Hut, ChaoBaby, Handmade Burger Co., Nando’s, Wagamama, Café Rouge, Bill’s


Key Information

Number of Retail Units



CPPIB 16% / Nuveen Real Estate 33% / Hammerson 51%

Anchor Tenants

  • Selfridges, Debenhams



BSU3, Upper Level13,350 sq ftUnder OfferView
ESU3, Lower Level1,650 sq ftTo LetView
MSU2B, Upper Level24,250 sq ftUnder OfferView
MSU13, Upper Level17,230 sq ftUnder OfferView
RS1/2, Upper Level--Under OfferView
Unit 1, Queens Drive--To LetView
Unit 4, Grand Central--To LetView
Unit 9-10, Grand Central--To LetView
Unit 11, Grand Central--Under OfferView
Unit 16A, Grand Central--To LetView
Unit 16B, Grand Central--To LetView
Unit 20, Grand Central--To LetView
Unit 25A, Grand Central11,627 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit 32, Grand Central794 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 45, Grand Central1,729 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit 46, Grand Central--To LetView
Unit 509, Middle Level4,250 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 519, Middle Level1,460 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit 519A, Middle Level1,500 sq ftUnder OfferView
Unit 705, Upper Level3,320 sq ftTo LetView
Unit 716, Upper Level--To LetView
Unit L3, LinkStreet--Under OfferView
Unit L10, LinkStreet--To LetView
Unit L12, LinkStreet--To LetView


50 Stephenson StreetBetfred--
51-52 Stephenson StreetSimply Local--
53 Stephenson Street3D News--
54 Stephenson StreetHat Man--
55 Stephenson StreetStitches--
56-57 Stephenson StreetWilliam Hill--
Anchor 1, Upper LevelDebenhams--
Anchor 1, Lower LevelDebenhams209,180 sq ft
Anchor 1, Middle LevelDebenhams--
Anchor 2, Lower LevelSelfridges262,480 sq ft
Anchor 2, Middle LevelSelfridges--
Anchor 2, Upper FloorSelfridges--
BSU1, Upper LevelKIKO1,925 sq ft
BSU2, Upper LevelTimberland1,375 sq ft
BSU5, Upper LevelSunglass Hut380 sq ft
Cafe 1, Upper LevelSoho Coffee Co2,130 sq ft
ESU1-2, Lower LevelNew Look7,240 sq ft
ESU4, Lower LevelSavers2,090 sq ft
ESU5, Lower LevelLadbrokes3,020 sq ft
ESU6, Lower LevelWagamama3,030 sq ft
Grand CentralJohn Lewis--
K1, Grand CentralNeal's Yard Remedies--
K2-3, Grand CentralL'Occitane--
Kiosk 1, LinkStreet----
Kiosk 1, Lower Level--500 sq ft
Kiosk 2-4, Lower LevelMount Fuji Restaurant824 sq ft
Kiosk 2, LinkStreet----
Kiosk 3, LinkStreet----
Kiosk 4, LinkStreet----
Kiosk 5, LinkStreet----
Kiosk 5, Lower Level--226 sq ft
Kiosk 7, Middle LevelMillie's Cookies190 sq ft
Kiosk 8, Middle LevelChatime200 sq ft
Kiosk 9, Middle LevelSubway288 sq ft
Kiosk 10, Middle LevelEurochange288 sq ft
Kiosk 11-12, Upper LevelScribbler255 sq ft
Kiosk 13-14, Upper LevelFuel Juice Bars255 sq ft
Kiosk 15-16, Upper LevelMuffin Break545 sq ft
Kiosk 17-19, Upper LevelStarbucks300 sq ft
Kiosk 23, Lower LevelMr Pretzel400 sq ft
MK1, Grand CentralJoe & The Juice--
MK2, Grand CentralNespresso--
MK3, Grand CentralMica Beauty--
MK4, Grand CentralFrizzenti--
MK5A, Grand CentralOpulent Perfumes--
MK5B, Grand CentralSwatch--
MK6, Grand CentralFootbalance--
MK7, Grand CentralCafé Concerto2,330 sq ft
MK8, Grand CentralTapas Revolution--
MK9, Grand CentralYo! Sushi--
MK10, Grand CentralPho--
MK11, Grand CentralSuper Bubble Waffle--
MK12, Grand CentralTortilla--
MK13A, Grand CentralGiraffe--
MK13B/PE6, Grand CentralMrs Chew's--
MK14-15, Grand CentralSlim Chickens--
MK16, Grand CentralCrepe Affaire--
MSU1, Middle LevelMango10,880 sq ft
MSU2, Lower LevelNew Look11,350 sq ft
MSU2A, Middle LevelHMV11,540 sq ft
MSU3-Unit 314, Lower LevelNext57,660 sq ft
MSU3, Upper LevelNext--
MSU3/Unit 508, Middle LevelNext56,000 sq ft
MSU4, Upper LevelHugo Boss7,330 sq ft
MSU5 - Lower LevelSports Direct--
MSU5, Lower LevelSports Direct23,600 sq ft
MSU6, Lower LevelJD Sports10,797 sq ft
MSU8, Middle LevelTreetops Mini Golf53,150 sq ft
MSU10, Lower LevelThe Entertainer13,550 sq ft
MSU10A, Middle LevelBoots12,000 sq ft
MSU11, Upper LevelVictoria's Secret10,965 sq ft
MSU12, Lower LevelH&M12,809 sq ft
MSU12, Middle LevelH&M--
MSU12, Upper LevelH&M7,373 sq ft
PE1, Grand CentralDum Dum Donuts--
PE3, Grand CentralMy Work--
PE4, Grand CentralYoshe Nails--
PE5, Grand CentralEE--
Restaurant 1, Lower LevelBurger King3,940 sq ft
Restaurant 2, Lower LevelNando's5,407 sq ft
Restaurant 3A, Lower LevelCosta1,440 sq ft
Restaurant 3B, Lower LevelGreggs1,410 sq ft
Restaurant 4, Lower LevelPizza Hut4,747 sq ft
Restaurant 5, Lower LevelBrowns Restaurant & Bar4,881 sq ft
Restaurant 6, Lower LevelChaoBaby4,043 sq ft
Restaurant 7, Lower LevelVietnamese Street Kitchen3,460 sq ft
RS3, Upper LevelZara--
SU744, Middle LevelCafe Rouge1,820 sq ft
SU744, Upper LevelCafe Rouge--
SU747, Upper LevelBubbleology1,190 sq ft
Unit 2A, Grand CentralFoyles--
Unit 2B, Grand CentralThe White Company--
Unit 3, Grand CentralJoules--
Unit 5, Grand CentralKiehl's--
Unit 6, Grand CentralMAC--
Unit 7, Grand CentralJo Malone--
Unit 8, Grand CentralHobbs--
Unit 9B, Grand CentralRituals1,678 sq ft
Unit 12,Grand CentralKitty Cafe--
Unit 14, Grand CentralYaki Nori--
Unit 15, Grand CentralVirgin Holiday--
Unit 18A, Grand CentralMonsoon / Accessorize--
Unit 18B, Grand CentralProject Presents--
Unit 21, Grand CentralHolland & Barrett--
Unit 22, Grand CentralLaser Clinics2,145 sq ft
Unit 23, Grand CentralThe Perfume Shop--
Unit 24, Grand CentralNatWest--
Unit 25B, Grand CentralSelect5,279 sq ft
Unit 26, Grand CentralFlying Tiger--
Unit 27, Grand CentralBase Childrenswear--
Unit 28, Grand CentralFat Face--
Unit 29, Grand CentralComptoir Libanais3,051 sq ft
Unit 30, Grand CentralMowgli--
Unit 31, Grand CentralPaperchase--
Unit 33, Grand CentralAt Pizza--
Unit 34, Grand CentralNando's--
Unit 35, Grand CentralTasty Plaice1,115 sq ft
Unit 36, Grand CentralThai Express--
Unit 37, Grand CentralIn Solicitors Hands--
Unit 38, Grand CentralFuel Juice Bars--
Unit 39, Grand CentralMYDMC482 sq ft
Unit 40, Grand CentralAmerican Candy794 sq ft
Unit 41, Grand CentralCosta--
Unit 42, Grand CentralWhittards--
Unit 43, Grand CentralTesco--
Unit 44, Grand CentralClintons--
Unit 301, Lower LevelDisney Store5,002 sq ft
Unit 303-304, Lower LevelSuperdry11,140 sq ft
Unit 305, Lower LevelFootAsylum4,500 sq ft
Unit 306-307, Lower LevelHolland & Barrett1,600 sq ft
Unit 308, Lower LevelFoot Locker6,170 sq ft
Unit 309, Lower LevelSchuh4,350 sq ft
Unit 310, Lower LevelOFFICE3,670 sq ft
Unit 311, Lower LevelPandora2,095 sq ft
Unit 312, Lower LevelGame1,888 sq ft
Unit 313, Lower LevelVodafone1,680 sq ft
Unit 315, Lower LevelAccessorize--
Unit 316, Lower LevelVans2,200 sq ft
Unit 317, Lower LevelScotts2,526 sq ft
Unit 320, Lower LevelSkechers2,630 sq ft
Unit 321, Lower LevelVolkswagen2,110 sq ft
Unit 322, Lower LevelKids Foot Locker2,050 sq ft
Unit 323, Lower LevelEE2,050 sq ft
Unit 324, Lower LevelThomas Sabo660 sq ft
Unit 325, Lower LevelSmiggle710 sq ft
Unit 326, Lower LevelLovisa926 sq ft
Unit 326A, Lower LevelClaire's Accessories1,030 sq ft
Unit 327, Lower LevelO21,310 sq ft
Unit 328, Lower LevelH. Samuel2,090 sq ft
Unit 329, Lower LevelSuperdrug19,130 sq ft
Unit 330, Lower LevelBuild-A-Bear Workshop1,720 sq ft
Unit 331, Lower LevelAnn Summers2,210 sq ft
Unit 332, Lower LevelThree Mobile1,558 sq ft
Unit 333, Lower LevelIn Solicitors Hands7,570 sq ft
Unit 501, Middle LevelClintons3,310 sq ft
Unit 503, Middle LevelHalifax5,530 sq ft
Unit 504, Middle LevelBoux Avenue2,816 sq ft
Unit 505, Middle LevelYours4,660 sq ft
Unit 506, Middle LevelErnest Jones2,050 sq ft
Unit 507, Middle LevelRelic x Hooked1,872 sq ft
Unit 510, Middle LevelPolice Clothing2,210 sq ft
Unit 511, Middle LevelJack Wolfskin2,940 sq ft
Unit 511A, Middle LevelThe North Face2,910 sq ft
Unit 512, Middle LevelTommy Hilfiger3,970 sq ft
Unit 513, Middle LevelBills Restaurants Ltd4,390 sq ft
Unit 514, Middle LevelCalvin Klein2,260 sq ft
Unit 515, Middle LevelDune1,800 sq ft
Unit 516, Middle LevelKurt Geiger1,780 sq ft
Unit 516A, Middle LevelKhadi1,630 sq ft
Unit 517, Middle LevelStarbucks1,630 sq ft
Unit 517A, Middle LevelThe Perfume Shop990 sq ft
Unit 518, Middle LevelThe Body Shop1,370 sq ft
Unit 521, Middle LevelHotel Chocolat960 sq ft
Unit 522, Middle LevelVision Express3,250 sq ft
Unit 523, Middle LevelMorphe3,300 sq ft
Unit 524, Middle LevelWingstop2,570 sq ft
Unit 526, Middle LevelIndian Streatery580 sq ft
Unit 528, Middle LevelFive Guys Hamburgers3,250 sq ft
Unit 529, Middle LevelEndura Roses310 sq ft
Unit 530, Middle LevelThe Fragrance Shop680 sq ft
Unit 702, Upper LevelLevi's5,550 sq ft
Unit 703, Upper LevelClarks6,990 sq ft
Unit 704, Upper LevelBreitling3,755 sq ft
Unit 706/707, Upper LevelGoldsmiths6,875 sq ft
Unit 708, Upper LevelPeleton3,885 sq ft
Unit 709, Upper LevelLego7,980 sq ft
Unit 710, Upper Level--793 sq ft
Unit 711, Upper LevelTea Palace1,950 sq ft
Unit 712, Upper LevelSmile Direct680 sq ft
Unit 714/MSU9, Upper LevelRiver Island--
Unit 715A-715B, Upper LevelArket10,973 sq ft
Unit 717-718, Upper LevelTed Baker5,695 sq ft
Unit 719, Upper LevelCoach3,010 sq ft
Unit 720-721, Upper LevelAll Saints5,827 sq ft
Unit 722, Upper LevelDr Martens2,810 sq ft
Unit 723, Upper LevelKate Spade6,755 sq ft
Unit 724, Upper LevelMichael Kors--
Unit 726, Upper LevelOmega1,720 sq ft
Unit 727, Upper LevelSwarovski3,270 sq ft
Unit 729, Upper LevelDiesel2,610 sq ft
Unit 730, Upper LevelRussell & Bromley2,885 sq ft
Unit 731, Upper LevelLacoste2,100 sq ft
Unit 732, Upper LevelMolton Brown500 sq ft
Unit 733, Upper LevelCrystals355 sq ft
Unit 734, Upper LevelMyga Yoga1,126 sq ft
Unit 738, Upper LevelReiss4,310 sq ft
Unit 739, Upper LevelIn Solicitors Hands3,690 sq ft
Unit 740-741, Upper LevelCOS7,735 sq ft
Unit 742, Upper LevelZara20,200 sq ft
Unit 746, Upper LevelNorth Fish1,123.96 sq ft
Unit 748, Upper LevelWatchfinder300 sq ft
Unit 749, Upper LevelIn Solicitors Hands680 sq ft
Unit 750, Upper LevelPizza Express6,150 sq ft
Unit L1, LinkStreetLittle Dessert Shop--
Unit L2, LinkStreetClean Cuts Barber--
Unit L4, LinkStreetCard Factory--
Unit L5, LinkStreetDriftroom--
Unit L6, LinkStreetLashious Beauty--
Unit L7, LinkStreetHarper & Lewis--
Unit L8, LinkStreetEstilo Clothing--
Unit L9, LinkStreetSupercuts--
Unit L13, LinkStreetNewspoint--
Unit L14, LinkStreetBurger & Sauce1,099 sq ft
Unit L15, LinkStreetTrapstar--
Unit L16, LinkStreetWarren James--
Unit L17-L18, LinkStreetLuke--
Unit L19-L20, LinkStreetCaffè Nero--





Average footfall - 39  million pa Bullring, 19 million pa Grand Central

Average spend - £81

Average dwell time - 83 minutes

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