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Connecting Brands with UK Landlords & Agents

Our goal at Completely Retail is to transform the way retail properties are marketed, offering maximum value for brands seeking a physical footprint or Landlords seeking to occupy vacant spaces.

For 2022, we are launching two exciting new products that will ensure we remain as market leaders in the UK when it comes to retail marketing:

  1. Completely Flexible - Driving footfall by filling empty spaces with great brands
    Our new “pop-up” marketplace is now live on the platform. We list the largest selection of retail spaces available for short-term bookings (bookings from 1 week up to 2 years). Our goal is to offer nationwide coverage working with our existing Landlords and Agents leveraging the existing spaces available on the portal. Our marketing team are committed to attracting the most exciting brands to the portal through targeted campaigns.
  2. Soapbox - Elevating Brands and matching them with Landlords
    Soapbox is our latest innovation that will match the most attractive, digital native, fast growing retail, International and local independent brands with suitable vacant spaces. For launch, our property customers will have the ability to search suitable brands by specific criteria and have direct conversations with them. In the background, we are building methods to recommend smart matches.

If you would like further information on either of the above products, please . In the meantime, if you are a brand, you can sign up at no cost to our Soapbox on the next tab.

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