Lillicrap Chilcott

    2 Bedford Road

    St Ives, TR26 1SP

    Use Class E

    NaN sq ft

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    Marketed by Lillicrap Chilcott

    Last updated 01/08/2022
    2 Bedford Road
    A retail shop For Sale in Bedford Road, St. Ives 
    Other retail properties in the immediate vicinity include The Co-operative Food, Royal Cinema and The Western Hotel. 
    This property was observed as For Sale by The Local Data Company on 2022-07-11. The unit is currently being listed here free-of-charge with the limited information that we’ve been provided. If you are the agent or landlord who is currently marketing this property and would like to enhance the details on, or if this property is no longer available, please contact us. 

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    Lillicrap Chilcott